Vättern, Småland





Char, Salmon, Pike



Spinn, Trolling, Ice-fishing

Lake Vättern, Sweden's second-biggest lake, is a paradise for all you fishing fanatics looking for a good time surrounded by nature's beauty. This place is all about clear waters and deep vibes, making it a dope spot for both chill and exciting fishing adventures. Get ready to hook some cool catches like char, salmon, trout, and the mysterious zander – they're all in the mix, making it a year-round fishing fiesta. Spring and summer are perfect for casting your line from the shore or cruising on a boat, soaking up the sunny vibes. Come fall, the scene gets even more lit with awesome catches waiting for you. And when winter rolls in, it's time to switch things up with ice fishing on the frozen lake. Lake Vättern's got something for every season, inviting you to kick back and enjoy a laid-back fishing journey in Sweden's stunning outdoors.



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