Shipping Information


How does Fishguide work?
Finding a Trip and Checking Availability

In order to finding a trip and checking the available dates, simply click on either "Experiences" then clicking on "Details". You can also find the availability by clicking on "Guides" or the "Find a guide" button to see live availability.

How do I book an experience?

Simply click on the "Book" button to book an experience, you will however, need an account in order to book as an angler. You can also book an experience by clicking on one of the guide profiles and there finding the experience he offers.

How do I contact my guide?

You can contact the guide easily by first logging in onto your account and then finding the guide profile that you would like to contact and on the bottom of his profile page there you can send instant messages with the guide.

Cancellations and refunds
What is the cancellation policy?

Strict with a 48 hour grace period-free cancellation

Cancel within 7 days before the fishing trip and the Entire trip is refundable. Cancel within 7 days of Check-in and the entire trip is non-refundable.

How do I cancel my experience?

Simply go to "My account" and then click on "Bookings" there click on the booked experience and click on cancel, we will then refund your entire booking.

Can I change the date of my trip?

As long as its within the 48 hour grace period-free and within the 7 days before the fishing trip with the guide you can change the date of the trip.

What if my guide doesn’t show up?

If the guide doesn't show up for your trip, Fishguide will cancel your reservation and refund 100% of your payment.

The guide may not show up for your booked experience in case of a family emergency or other circumstances. If you are at the pick up location and are unable to find the guide, contact us and report a no show.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

If the weather is not allowing you to go out on the guided trip, we help you change the trip date for free of charge.

Adding an Experience
How do I create an experience?

To create an experience, just go to the guide dashboard, from there click on "My experiences" and click on the "Add an experience" on the top right corner and fill out all the information.

If you wish to add single dates instead of all of them in a row, just post the single date you have in the experience and then email us at with the dates and we will add this for you,

Can I list multiple experiences?

There is no limit on how many experiences you can upload at once.

How should I set my price?

The price should be what you normally charge when anglers book directly from you.

How are my experiences ranked?

At we don’t believe in a pay to be seen system. Instead you will earn a higher listing placement by simply being more active at Our algorithm will reward the guides that contribute more to their listings, keep their calender updated and recieves positive angler reviews. It's that easy!

How do I add a location for my experience?

Upon creating an experience, if you cannot find the location of your experience, please email us at and we will add the location and afterwards you can upload your experience.

My Calendar
How do I manage my calendar?

You can access your calender by going to your guide dashboard, there click on "my calender", there you can see all your booked bookings.

Can I sell half day experiences?

Once uploading your expeirence you can sell either half day or full day at the same time, just add the different prices and the experience will show both.

How do I get paid?

By getting as many bookings as possible, we will assist you every step of the way in order for you to get your experiences booked.

When do payouts occur?

The payouts occur once a month, simply go to your guide dashboard and then click on "Settings" on the menu on the left and then go to "Withdraw" there, you will see the amount that we owe you. Then simply just invoice us and we will pay the amount.

What commission does fishguide take?

We at Fishguide charges a flat 10% commission but ONLY once a guided trip is booked by the angler, it is 100% free to be part of our platform.

Other Questions?
Am I or my guests insured?

We at are not liable for any insurance claims for incidents occuring during the fishing trip with the fishguide. The custumer is instead covered by the insurance of the responsible guide, and thus referred to the guide for any potential claims, but all the signed up guides has their own insurance.