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To restore a river

Next to Herting completed between 2013-2014 one of the longest project in restoring nature for atlantic salmon in Europe. The old river recreated through cutting down a forrest, putting spawning gravel and stone and as well building angled pivot arms to secure that a minimal flow of water of 11 cubic meter. There was also installed a fishing counter and a camera. The damn was cleared and a angled grid for outgoing fish in front of the power plant turbine. The project is completed but the work still goes on to recreate “free hiking trials” for all species. This is being run by Falkenbergs Energy company that produces climatesmart and renewable energy next to the Herting.

More and larger Salmon

This project means that the passing efficiency has been improved for all migratory species and the population of Salmon has considerably increased since the opening. The survival rate of outgoing salmon has also been made so now we can see much larger salmon and above all the salmon is much larger. The new river has also been a place to grow up for approximately 27000 salmon smolt yearly, which increases the amount of short emigrating salmon and population. The Hertingproject is to be considered as a role model for future projects like this!

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